6 Tech Innovations That Can Improve Your Business

Over the years, consumers have come to have higher and higher expectations from the businesses that serve them. In part, this is due to the vast improvements in technology over the last decade. But how can your business leverage these advancements to become the best in class? 

Whether you’re looking to focus on customer satisfaction, automating certain aspects of your production, or overhauling your internal process, you need to be in on the latest technological developments. Start with these 6 to see if they can help you take your business to the next level: 

Reputation Management 

As you’re surely aware, your business’ reputation matters, especially if you are a newer business or in a competitive market. However, it’s one thing to know what you need to do and another to actually be able to implement it. It can be difficult to manage reviews on your own when you’re already juggling so many responsibilities. Fortunately, responding to customer feedback doesn’t necessarily need to rely on you logging in and typing up a personalized response—there’s reputation management programs for that.  

Telematics Systems 

If your business utilizes a fleet to make deliveries or perform services, you should upgrade your electronic logging devices (ELDs) to a telematics system. In addition to recording hours of service, navigation from telematics is able to track vehicles in real-time, provide routing optimization, and file vehicle engine data. With all of this information, you can focus on making your fleet safer, more efficient, and operating at peak levels.

Marketing Automation

Keeping up with your marketing, especially when you don’t have a dedicated team, can seem next to impossible. However, the development of marketing automation has made it easier than ever to stay on top of your marketing campaigns. From scheduling out posting ahead of time to tracking the success of certain campaigns, a marketing automation platform is what you need to keep your marketing strategy on track. 

Task Management Software

Whether your business is made up of a single team or several departments, task management software is an essential tool you need to add to your arsenal. While you’re surely aware that there are many points of inefficiency in any business, you might not know that many of these inefficiencies can be eliminated with task management. 

From automating certain aspects of each project and delegating work to different team members to making sure everything is on track to be completed by deadline, this system will help you make teamwork more efficient and enjoyable.

Cloud-Based Storage

While cloud-based storage isn’t necessarily new, it is becoming increasingly important. If you currently pay for data storage, it’s likely putting a significant dent in your budget—not to mention the personnel required to manage it. What if instead you could store and share your company’s data on the cloud without needing the space or manpower to oversee it. And, your employees could access the information remotely, removing many of the challenges that previously arose when remote access was needed. 

Most importantly, you could enjoy the peace of mind that your data will never be lost. 

Anti-Virus Software

Last but not least, anti-virus software is an important technological development that every business needs. In response to the sophistication of cyber-crime, anti-virus software has become much more advanced and much more necessary. To protect your customers’ information, proprietary data, and overall well-being of your business, it is highly recommended that you not only invest in anti-virus software, but keep it updated at all times.

Another alternative is to hire a cyber-security firm to help protect your business from attacks—this is highly recommended for valuable brands that are more likely to be the victim of a cyber-attack and have more to lose.  

By improving your day-to-day operations, these tools can also help make your business more profitable. While there is typically a cost associated with each of these technologies, you can implement the relevant tools over time to enhance your business’ services at a pace that you can afford. 

When determining which of these tech-based services or others are worthwhile for your business, consider your industry, biggest weaknesses, and long-term needs to determine which ones will provide you with the greatest benefits. And remember, as your business grows, so will your needs. 

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