£53.1 Million Fetched by a Chinese Porcelain Vase!

After reading this you might feel a sudden urge to rush to the attic and start looking for old objects left to you by your grandparents. The truth is you can never know what value lies within a most simple object like a vase or an ashtray. Here is the perfect illustration of our point:

The family who inherited this apparently ordinary vase had no idea that they could sell it for no less than £53.1 million! When the auction was scheduled, the vase was expected to fetch between £800,000 and £1.2 million, so you can imagine the surprise on the owners’ faces as the bids grew higher and higher! They even had to leave the room for a while to get some fresh air.

Contrary to everyone’s expectations, the auction was not held by big houses like Christie’s or Sotheby’s, but by a small provincial one, called  Bainbridge`s, whose biggest sell until now brought them only £100.000.

The 16 inch tall piece, decorated with fish, belongs to the 18th century, from around 1740. The Qianlong  porcelain vase brought to  Bainbridge`s auction house a premium of £8.6 million.

£53.1 Million Fetched by a Chinese Porcelain Vase

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