5 Wedding Dress Alteration Tips Every Bride Should Know

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A wedding dress is one of the most important dresses any woman will ever own. All brides want their wedding dress to offer something special just for them. A good dress is one that flatters a woman on a day when she is the center of attention. Many brides find a dress they really like. At the same time, while elegant and pretty, the dress often needs to be altered. Any bride who is having a dress made to her exact specifications should keep certain things in mind. With the average bride spending more than a thousand dollars on her dress, spending a little more can make the dress look even better.

Well in Advance

Many people don’t get married until months after they’ve announced their engagement. A lot can happen in a few months. Any bride should keep in mind they might change sizes as they diet. Even a month or two can lead to many different changes in a woman’s figure. Consider looking for a dress as early as possible. This way, the bride can see what’s out there. While buying the dress early is a good choice, it often makes sense to wait until a week or two before getting the dress altered.

An Alteration Budget

Some wedding dress shops include all alterations with the price of the wedding dress. In that case, you might expect to pay more for the entire cost. Some shops offer additional alterations for a fee. This may include minor details such as shortening the hem of the dress by an inch or two. For a more extensive change to the entire dress, the shop might change even more. Ask about such costs in advance. Add to your wedding dress budget to account for the funds need to get the dress precisely right.

Remember All Undergarments

A bride isn’t going to put her dress on without wearing anything underneath it. She needs to have foundation garments along with the dress. All women need bras that fit properly. They also need to have pantyhose and other items that bring her shape to life. All women should bring all of these items with them during the alterations sessions. This allows the bride to ensure that the dress will look right when she’s headed down the aisle. A good service will take these into account as they continue to shape the dress.

Wedding Shoes

Shoes are also a part of the overall look the woman has in mind when planning her wedding. Think about the kind of heel that you want before you begin. If you’re a very tall woman, you might stick to a lower heel that doesn’t offer too much height. A higher heel can be a good choice for a shorter woman. All women should keep in mind the heels will affect how the dress looks when she’s at the wedding. A tailor may bring the dress up just a little or let it down a bit to compensate for the shoe height.

Take a Friend

It can be very hard for any woman to have a look at her wedding dress and make decisions about what needs to be done on her own. A trusted friend is a fabulous resource all women should bring with them. She can help examine the dress from the perspective of a guest. They can point out where the dress just grazes the floor a little too much or the neckline doesn’t work with her planned hairdo. They can offer a highly trustworthy second opinion.

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