5 Ways to Wear Workout Shorts

Joyful man in shorts holding pink dumbbells and smiling while having morning workout in living room

Whether you’re running or hitting the gym, a good workout short is key to mobility, flexibility, and breathability. Of course, workout shorts only take care of the bottom half of your outfit. What do you wear on top? For that matter, what other accessories can you wear?

Let’s take a quick look at how you can dress up – or dress down – a pair of workout shorts. As you’re about to find out, you can wear them in just about any circumstances.

  • Try a Sleeveless Tee

A sleeveless tee shirt may not be suitable for a formal occasion, but it can be ideal for an intense workout. But if you’re playing basketball, doing CrossFit, or engaging in other intense activities, it can be just what you need for plenty of breathability.

Just be aware of what you’re doing afterwards. For instance, if you’re going out for coffee when you’re done, it’s a good idea to pack a polo shirt or something else a little “nicer”.

  • Wear a Polo Shirt

A polo shirt might seem like an odd choice of top to wear with workout shorts. After all, you don’t wear a polo at the gym, and you wouldn’t wear workout shorts at the office.

But a polo shirt can make your workout shorts more versatile. For a casual event like a laid-back dinner with friends, it might be just the right balance between leisurewear and casualwear.

  • Rock a Sweet Hoodie

Workout season doesn’t end when the leaves start to turn. Staying fit and healthy is a year-round job. So what do you do when it’s a bit chilly out? Try throwing on a lightweight hoodie!

The nice thing about a hoodie is that you can unzip it, or even set it aside while you’re exercising. Then you can put it on afterwards to avoid getting shocked by the cold. We should point out that with any type of top, choose a color that matches your workout shorts. This means it should be a different, contrasting color. For example, if your workout shorts are white, a black or deep blue top is a great choice.

  • Throw on a Pair of Sandals

When you think of workout shorts, you probably think of exercise. And exercise means sneakers, right?

Generally, yes. But you don’t just wear workout shorts when you’re exercising. Suppose you’re taking a trip to the beach, or just walking in your favorite parks. Some flip-flops or a pair of leather sandals can improve both your comfort and your style.

  • Add a Ball Cap or a Pair of Shades

For a more complete look, it’s important to think beyond mere clothing. A few flashy accessories can tie your whole look together. A wide pair of aviators can broaden your face, as well as keep the sun out of your eyes. Avoid smaller sunglasses, though. They look a bit too formal to wear with workout shorts.

When it comes to a hat, think of it as a third item of clothing that compliments your shirt and shorts. As a result, it should match one of the two. For instance, if you’re wearing black shorts and a white tee, choose a white or black hat. If your shorts are orange, you can add more color with a matching orange hat.

Conclusion: Remember, Workout Shorts are Super-Casual

Regardless of how you incorporate workout shorts into your workout, remember that they’re about as casual as clothes can get. You can dress them up with a polo, but they’re still pretty laid-back. But as long as you’re only wearing them in casual situations, you won’t have to worry about looking out of place.

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