5 Unique Ideas for Taking Your Car’s Performance to the Next Level

Many automobile owners would like to boost the performance of their vehicles to a particular level. They don’t know how to go about it. First and foremost, your car engine is the powerhouse of your vehicle, and it will fail if not properly maintained. The following are some of the ideas that help to take your car performance to another level.

1. Use Synthetic Lubricants

Synthetic lubricants significantly reduce friction, enhancing engine longevity. These lubricants help to generate excellent lubrication between moving parts than normal oils. Because they do not degrade in high-heat or high-stress environments, they are commonly used in performance applications. They also provide high-temperature protection and function exceptionally well in frigid temperatures.

2. Increase Compression

Increasing engine compression is the most efficient approach to improve horsepower. Although increasing compression in your engine may boost power, be cautious about how you do it. Cam and compression choices are inextricably linked since they both affect cylinder pressure or cylinder working compression.

If you’re not sure how to balance the two, see an engine builder or engine management specialist for guidance. You must select them in a cooperative spirit to obtain the necessary power without destroying your engine.

3. Bigger Throttle Body and Injector

Increasing the size of the throttle body will result in more horsepower delivery. You must also exercise caution in this situation. If you go too big, you will lose power. Before proceeding in that direction, you should perform extensive research because not all engines are suitable for a larger throttle body.

Investigate the internet to observe and understand what others with similar engines to yours are doing, and then follow their path. Also, keep in mind that massive exhaust systems necessitate high-flow fuel injectors. This is because the size of the exhaust and the size of the injector are proportionate. Look for a reliable dyno tuner to fine-tune your throttle body-injector modification by adjusting the spark curves and fuel injector.

4. Find and Harness the Lost Power

In most cases, your engine creates more power than it delivers. Consider the components that require enormous amounts of power to move. What about the power lost due to internal friction or the heat energy lost into the atmosphere, which does not affect power?

On average, your engine wastes 70-75 percent of the heat energy created by the fuel/air mixture. The exhaust system wastes 50% of the energy, and the cooling system wastes 25%. We only have about 25% of our energy left for the harness. The following are some strategies for reducing power loss. Include the following in your system.

  • Needle Cam-bearing Sprocket
  • Dual Roller-timing Set
  • Low Tension Piston Springs
  • Roller Rocker Arms
  • Roller Tappet Camshaft

Tire inflation and tire/wheel sizing are two further elements that can add to your car’s sluggishness. Under-inflated tires will cause your automobile to feel like it’s tethered to a tree when accelerating rapidly.

5. Dual-Plane Manifold

Torque, not horsepower, is your best buddy when cruising the streets. Don’t utilize a single-plane manifold if you want torque to transition to horsepower at wide-open throttle seamlessly.

A dual-plane intake manifold provides massive low-to-mid range torque while allowing the engine to breathe at high revolutions per minute. The dual-plane manifold’s lengthy intake runners create torque and high ceilings that deliver horsepower.

Now that you’re about to push your car’s performance to the next level, be careful not to overdo it. Increasing everything to excess will not provide you with additional power; instead, you may end up ruining everything.

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