5 Tips To Protect Your Home In Winter

If you live in an area where the winters are harsh, you need to protect your home from potential damage. The cold can freeze up water, turn wood dull and black, and also attract mold or mildew in several areas.

These occurrences could make you quite uncomfortable. But the good news is that you can take control of the winter blues by making a few changes in your home. Follow these tips to enjoy the hot cup of coffee on a cold day without worrying about the home fixes!

1. Repair The Sprinkler System

Many homes now have installed sprinkler systems in their gardens, but most of them tend to forget about their winter upkeep. Before winter strikes, make sure you get your sprinkler system repair done. Watering down the lawn can actually make things worse in the winters. Therefore, you should winterize your system so you can easily prevent the lawn from freezing.

In order to have a good-looking lawn come spring, you might want to leave that blanket of snow on the grass. This would actually help to protect your turf and have it fresh again when the snow thaws. However, the salt snow you shovel from your driveway isn’t a good addition to your lawn.

2. Protect The Deck

A wooden deck might be awesome in the summer, but it needs proper care when winter arrives. You should remove everything from its surface, especially plants that could leach out moisture and cause discoloration. Any heavy furniture should also go inside and into storage so you can give your deck some cleaning.

After you’ve scrubbed your deck completely clean, remove anything that remotely looks like mildew or mold. Then apply a water repellent seal so you can prevent any moisture from seeping in during the season. This will help you fill up the cracks and nooks where any mold could grow. Make sure to keep removing the snow throughout the winter. If your deck needs repairing, you should consider Deck Remodelers for renewing the entire look.

3. Clear The Roof

At all costs, the roof of your house should be clear of ice and snow. The heating system inside could lead to snow melting and forming ice on top of your attic. This could then lead to water leaking into your house and causing serious damage.

You can prevent this situation by making sure to clean your gutter in the late fall and early spring. Attic insulation is also a decent idea, which would prevent heat from leaking out. Finally, you should make sure your attic is properly ventilated, only being around 5 or 10 degrees higher than the temperature outside.

4. Prevent The Pipes From Freezing

You might have unheated spaces in your house where the water pipes pass by. This could result in the water inside those pipes to freeze. Hence, make sure that your interior pipes are insulated, especially if they’re in crawl spaces, attics, or in exterior walls.

Exterior pipes need weather-resistant insulation in order to prevent any freezing problems. You might also need to insulate unfinished places like the garage or the basement, where such pipes are usually exposed. Finally, make sure that the thermostat is set at 55 degrees throughout the winter.

5. Maintain The Heating Systems

If you have a furnace, fireplace, or any other kind of heating system, you need to protect your home against smoke, fire, and puff-back damage. Hence, make sure to regularly clean your chimney throughout the year. You may also want to invest in a fire screen for controlling embers from a wood fire.

Your boilers and furnaces need annual servicing at the very least. You should also be careful to check and deal with scorch marks that may come from your baseboard heaters. If you have portable heaters, they should be around 3 feet or more away from anything flammable.

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