5 Things to Do at Your Home to Slow the Spread of COVID-19

During a pandemic you want to be sure that your health and that of the people close to you are safe. We have all had to make changes to our lifestyles, but some tweaks are so easy and painless you will find yourself protecting your loved ones effortlessly. Here are 5 things that you can start doing in your home to help cease the spread of COVID-19.

1. Clean Up Messes as Soon as They Happen

One of the biggest recommendations we get from experts is to keep surfaces sanitary in order to prevent disease carrying germs from spreading more widely out. Properly sanitize all surfaces in your home and keep them clean, either with antibacterial spray or disposable wipes.

It is by keeping things clean that you can best safeguard the health of those in your household. We do not know exactly how long the virus can survive outside the human body, but this is a smart precaution to take. Pay extra attention to things that come into contact with skin a lot, like doorknobs, tabletops and cabinet doors.

2. Hands Off!

To keep from getting sick, avoid touching your face. Your nose, mouth and eyes are especially important not to touch. If by chance you do come into contact with this disease, you want to avoid touching any orifice into your body.

Your face covering can help you when you are out in public, but in the safety of your own home it is important to keep your hands off your face. Keep hand sanitizer at your disposal so you can keep your hands sanitized after touching any surfaces. Remember that your face has many ports of entry into your body, so be sure not to give the virus an opportunity to infect you.

3. Do Not Share Things

In addition to making sure that your dishes are properly cleaned, be sure not to share with anyone. That means utensils, cups, or food. In this instance, it is fine to be a little bit selfish. The virus is commonly carried on a person’s saliva, so it is by sharing things that you eat or drink with could also be sharing germs.

Be absolutely positive that you clean everything very well after each use. Use extremely hot water and regular dish soap or run it through your dishwasher set to the highest temperature.\. Again, we do not yet know how long the virus lives outside of the human body so it is crucial that you thoroughly wash everything you use every time that you use it.

4. Establish a Game Plan

The absolute scariest thing about this virus is that it can infect just about anyone. There is no one surefire prevention method that can ensure that you will be safe. To prepare for any eventuality, from exposure to confirmed sickness, you have to create a plan for what to do should a member of your household fall ill with COVID-19.

Designate a room or two for quarantine and devise a schedule for the rest of the house. Stock up on the supplies that you will need, such as food or medicine. This will prevent COVID-19’s spread to a wider number of people.

5. Get Comfortable in Your Home

The largest defining factor of this pandemic will probably be how much more time we are suddenly spending at home. Making your home into a comfortable oasis where you can truly relax is the key to getting through this with your mental health as intact as your physical health.

Not only is this a great time to reflect on yourself and where you are in life, but it is an excellent opportunity to perform a little self-care and pamper yourself. Maybe that means turning your bathroom into a personal spa or going for a walk in the park. Making your home into a place where you feel really at ease will help to stop the spread of COVID-19.

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