5 Signs You Have a Pest Problem

It’s never fun to have pests in your home, especially when they cause damages or problems for you. Due to this, you need to look out for signs of pest problems in your home. We have five common signs that you can watch for to see if there are any pests in your house prior to contracting a building and pest inspection company.

Pest Droppings and Other Waste

One of the most common signs you will come across is different droppings and waste in your home. For example, if you see mouse and rat feces in the corners of your pantry, then you probably have some rodents sneaking into there during the night.

You should look throughout your house for any signs of droppings. They will most likely appear in the corners, untouched areas and the colder regions of your home. You should also check around your bed and on top of it just in case you may have some bed bugs. In short, droppings and waste are key signs of pests.

Noise in the Walls

This one may be harder to identify, but you could hear some noises in your walls or other parts of your house if you have pests. For example, you may hear rodents moving through the walls and even making squeaking noises. You could also listen for sounds that will indicate movement or other noises that pests make.

Keep in mind that homes will naturally make noise as they settle, so don’t assume that you have a pest problem because you hear a few noises. However, if the noises keep happening, then it may show signs of a pest problem.

See If There’s Spots

Not only will pests leave droppings or other forms of waste, but you may notice spots and stains around your home. For example, if you have bed bugs, then you will notice red and brown spots and stains on your bed, mattress or even the sheets.

Keep in mind that these spots can appear in different parts of your home. If you notice them begin to form, then this may mean that your house has different types of pests creating those spots. This means that you should look and see if there’s other signs of pests close to the stains.

Look into Furniture Damage

Keep in mind that many types of pests will target soft fabric in your home, which includes furniture. This means that they will bite holes in it, begin to scavenge the furniture and see if there’s anything inside that they can use. Depending on the severity of the situation, some may turn the furniture into their little homes.

Remember that pests can be sneaky and they may get into your furniture without you realizing it. For example, they may get into the bottom of your furniture or your couch padding, so you should look underneath your furniture and pillows occasionally.

Signs of Nesting

Pests need to create nests if they want to survive, so you will start to notice signs of nesting around your home. For example, mice may be difficult to identify since they can make nests in the walls, but you will notice a termite nest since they will eat nearby wood.

Some nests will be harder to find or identify, but you can have an easier time looking for them as you check areas that you don’t visit often. For example, you should check under your stairs regularly. This way, you can see if any pest nests begin to form.


You should make sure that you look out for these signs so you can know if there’s any pests in your home. If you notice any of these signs, then you can always call a pest control business to thoroughly check your home and help you remove any pests that may have invaded.

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