5 Reasons to Rewire Your Family Home

Thinking about rewiring your home? It’s a large project, but it can bring new life to your home by making your appliances work more efficiently, cutting the monthly energy bills, and increasing the value of your property.

Here are five signs that you should consider rewiring in order to keep your house safe and efficient:

1. Your Home Is Old


Image via Flickr by State Farm

Everybody wants their home to be a safe place. Old homes have a special charm, but the electric wiring can be damaged or malfunctioning, so it’s best to have it checked by a qualified professional. Even small defects, such as a flickering lamp, can be warnings of a more serious problem.

Plus, older wires just aren’t able to keep up with the energy demand of the internet era. Remember that in the 1960s, people weren’t charging their smartphones, laptops, and tablets — sometimes all at the same time.

2. You’re Thinking About Selling Your Property

Rewiring your house will dramatically increase its value when you place it on the market. Think about it: If your property has old wires, most likely the cost and burden of fixing them will put off potential buyers. More importantly, a brand-new electrical system will ensure that your house passes any electrical inspection that’s required. If a certified inspector signs off on the installation of your new wiring, the value of your home will become even higher.

3. You Want to Save Money on the Electric Bill

Older electrical wiring could be the reason why your bills are unexpectedly costly. An old system has to work harder to provide the power you need, and it may be prone to power surges. Old or undersized wiring can have high electrical resistance, which can cause certain appliances to use more energy than they should. Remember that by wasting energy, you’re damaging not only your wallet but the environment, as well.

4. There’s Only One Power Outlet per Room

Are you tired of hearing your teens fight over the only power outlet in a room? This situation is fairly common nowadays — everyone has a smartphone that needs to be charged. What happens if younger brother’s phone runs out of battery while older sister is styling her hair with an electric curler? A house with a proper electrical system should have an electrical outlet every 6-8 feet.

5. The Appliances Are Malfunctioning

If the electrical wires in your home are old and defective, they won’t be able to keep up with the energy demands of modern appliances. The drain on the system can create a power surge that can trip the circuit breakers and damage the appliances. Having to repair or replace major appliances can be costly, and could signal an unsafe situation.Remember that fixing your house’s electrical system is not a job for amateurs, and it must be carried out exclusively by qualified professionals. Electrical wires that are not properly installed represent a serious hazard for you and your family, and they may also void your insurance.

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