5 of the World’s Most Luxurious Yachts

Boating is one of the most luxurious activities a person can do. It is also expensive; you need to factor in maintaining, cleaning, and looking for berthing. If you are considering boating, knowing of different berthing services like Emerald Landing can help you enjoy the best boating experience. To inspire you more with this activity, here is a list of the most luxurious yachts to consider in 2020.

  1. Pelorus ($300 million)

The Pelorus already had numerous owners, including well-known mega yacht owners David Geffen and Roman Abramovich, who also enhanced other ships to a bigger and better size. Samuel Tak Lee is the Pelorus’s latest owner, who knows how to captain the 377-foot yacht.

The Pelorus features an interior that has an “informal beach house” effect. It has wood paneling that makes the yacht’s interior look natural, best to relax in its eleven cabins that can accommodate 22 guests. The Pelorus also has a master and two VIP rooms, and 41 crews aboard to assist the guests. This fantastic yacht has two pools and two helipads. It has incredible stabilization systems at anchor and sea for safe and smooth sailing. The Pelorus’ movie theater includes beds.

  1. Dubai ($350 million)

Formerly known as the Platinum, Panhandle, and Golden Star, the Dubai yacht measures 532 feet in length and has a value of $350 million built for Prince Jefri Bolkiah of Brunei. The prestigious ship now belongs to Sheik Mohammed Rashid Al Maktoum from the United Arab Emirates.

The Dubai yacht has seven decks with one air-conditioned level to match UAE’s scorching climate. One of its best features is the magnificent circular staircase that changes color each step that you make. The yacht has 50 guest suites with a VIP area with a home theater for every three suites.

  1. Radiant ($300 million)

Russian billionaire Boris Berezovsky sold the Radiant to Emirati businessman Abdulla Al Futtaim for $300 million. Formerly named Darius, this yacht measures 361 feet in length, known as the Radiant, for being lit up at night. The Radiant can accommodate 20 guests with 10 cabins. The on-board crew will make sure their guests will have a good time on the yacht.

  1. Motor Yacht A ($323 million)

Andrey Melnichenko is a Russian fertilizer, and coal magnate owns this yacht that measures 390 feet in length. Many people would think that this motor yacht is a submarine because of how it looks. The vessel features a bomb-proof glass that can protect people on board from attackers. The main deck of Motor Yacht A showcases a single saloon covering the interior’s length. The Motor Yacht A has three swimming pools that can produce currents for upstream swimming. One of the three pools has a glass floor that allows guests to view the deck underneath it. 

  1. Serene ($458 million)

Prince Mohammad bin Salman owns the Serene, where he bought it from Yuri Shefler in 2015 for 350 million euros or $458 million. It has a glowing neon turquoise that glows through all 440 feet length of the yacht at night. Serene provides six decks that can carry two times its usual number of crew members. It has a nice interior with wood, leather, and pure white combinations by designer Reymond Langton.

The Serene can match a five-star hotel with amenities such as seven pools (one pool contains salt-water,) a sauna bath, a supersized hot tub, and a helipad. It also features a sky lounge that provides views from all angles. There is also an indoor wall-climbing area and an underwater observation lounge.

Final Thoughts

All these luxurious yachts can give you an unforgettable experience. It would be nice to dream about owning one, but it would be better to work harder to achieve that dream.

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