5 Must-Have Pet Products for Apartment Living

These five pet products are must-haves if part of your family includes a fur baby, especially if you live in an apartment. Your pet is going to love them!

The benefits of having a pet in your home are endless. When your pet becomes your family member, you want to make sure they’re happy.

Like having a child, this includes giving them plenty to play with and making sure they are safe and healthy.

In an apartment, the limited space can be hard on an active animal. That’s why having the right products in your home helps your pet’s overall wellbeing and improves your own peace of mind, as well. 

These five pet products are must-haves if your family includes a fur baby and you live in an apartment. With them, your pet won’t even notice the small home — they’ll just feel the extra love!

1. Automatic Feeders

Giving your pets unlimited access to their food can cause obesity issues. As with humans, when an animal is overweight, it leads to chronic, dangerous health conditions.

Automatic feeders take the worry of overeating away while taking a task off your to-do list. You can even invest in a timed feeder that lets you record a message for your furry family member when you’re gone!

These feeders are perfect for long days away, too. When you know you’re going to be late, you don’t have to be concerned about your pet not getting their dinner on schedule. Chewy’s timed feeder lets you schedule up to five meals in advance, for instance. 

Water, on the other hand, is often an on-demand resource. However, the large water dishes that last a week often get dirty before they’re ready to be refreshed. Keep your pet’s water flowing and clean with a filtered water fountain.

2. Potty Areas

We all know the problems that come with having a litter box or pee pad in a small area. That’s why pet owners in apartments have to be a little extra creative and structured.

If you want to avoid the stench, but let your pet go to the bathroom when they need to, then you need a potty area designed to limit odors. 

For cats, the right setup is the first step to stopping the nasty stench of an uncleaned box. Regular cleanings are essential, of course, but the right litter box and litter can help.

If space is an issue, a hideaway litter box may give you extra storage in a tiny room and limit the odor, too. Automated litter boxes reduce the time in between your cleanings.  

It’s easier to get dogs on a schedule, but if your day is hectic and your pup needs a place to go in the house, why not try a disposable dog potty? When Fido is trained to go in the grass only, you’ll find fewer accidents than you would if you used newspaper, pee pads, and other non-nature items to train your pup.

3. Their Own Safe Space

Dogs and cats are often prone to anxiety, needing their owners to comfort them when they are nervous or scared. But when you’re gone or your pet feels insecure, they need a place to go where they feel safest.

Making an area in your home where your pet has their own safe haven is essential, even in small apartments. It doesn’t have to be anything major, but it does have to be all their own.

Your pup might enjoy a small dog house where they can hide from whatever makes them nervous. For crate-trained dogs, the crate is usually where they feel secure.

Cats usually prefer to go someplace high. You might find your furry feline hiding out in a cupboard over your fridge.

To give them their own safe space, a cat treehouse is the crowd favorite. Put yours in front of a window for your cats to be purr-fectly happy!

4. A Play Area

It’s hard for pets to get the right amount of exercise every day unless you take them for walks. But when your pet tires themselves out, you don’t have to worry about how they’re getting enough exercise.

Create a space in one of your rooms that is dedicated to your pet’s playtime. Then, load it up with their favorite toys. While you’re gone, they’ll be playing. 

Instead of keeping you up all night, they’ll be exhausted and ready to sleep, too!

Some favorite toys for cats and/or dogs include:

Catnip is always a hit with felines, and dogs love anything they can chew!

5. A Bed

Even if your pet sleeps with you most of the time, they still need their own bed. Most animals will spend a big part of the day napping while you’re working or doing other things.

Your dog or cat should have a bed (or more than one) for them to:

  • Stay warm when they nap near you. Your pet wants to be close to you, and if you’re working, eating, or sitting still, a nearby bed keeps them cozy.
  • Support their bones and joints. Sleeping on the floor is okay, but a bed helps prevent arthritis and minimize the discomfort in animals who already have health conditions.
  • Feel secure when traveling. When you go to strange places, you can take your pet’s bed with them. This makes them feel more secure and safe.

If you want your pet to sleep with you, that’s completely up to you. But they should still have a bed in any room they’re in often to get these benefits!


An active pet is a healthy pet, but when you live in an apartment, it’s hard for them to get their own exercise.

Having these five products in your living area will keep your furry family member healthy and happy, no matter how big or small their home is!

Angus Flynn, Business Manager of Arte, has been with Alliance Residential Company for over five years. He has extensive experience with a variety of properties, from large lease-ups to smaller, more urban assets.

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