5 Ideas for Living a Luxury Lifestyle on a Teacher’s Salary

You love beauty. You crave luxury. It’s possible to bring these vibes into your life, but since you’re on a teacher’s salary, you’ll need to get a little creative in your pursuit of glamor. Here are a few tips to get the ball rolling!

1. Get thrifty.

You’re probably familiar with places like Goodwill and the Salvation Army, but what if your tastes are a bit more sophisticated? There are many online consignment shops where you can shop for gently-used goods from luxury brands like Chanel, Gucci and Louis Vuitton. You’ll find everything from clothes to shoes to handbags at just a fraction of their usual cost.

2. Don’t spend all of your money on your classroom.

It’s a tale as old as time: teachers forking over their own money for school supplies and classroom decorations. According to the National Education Association, public educators spend an average of $459 per year on essentials, and they’re rarely compensated by their school districts! If this describes you, try to think of ways to cut down on your “business” expenses, including:

  • Buying supplies from dollar stores
  • Asking for discounts from used booksellers
  • Trading or rotating classroom decorations with other teachers
  • Buying holiday goods and school supplies in the off-season when they’re marked down

3. Sign up for newsletters from your favorite brands.

Rather than thinking of them as spam or clutter, think of them as opportunities for future splurges. You might not have $100 to drop on a spa day right now, but when a company tells you that their Mother’s Day special is coming in May, you’ll be able to save for it. You can also stay appraised of ongoing sales, discounts and reward member perks.

4. Create your own luxury.

True luxury is a state of mind. It isn’t a label on a shirt or a carefully-posed selfie on a beach. You can create a sense of luxury with the right mindset and a few everyday household items:

  • If you want a spa day, put some candles in a dimly-lit bathroom with soft music and sweet-smelling bubble bath.
  • If you want to eat like Gordon Ramsay, buy a few fancy dinner items and supplement the rest with less expensive foods. For example, you can order in some filet mignon but eat it with your own mashed potatoes and carrots.
  • If you want to live like a beauty guru, buy your own rice-and-rose face masks and use them while giving yourself a pedicure or a deep conditioner leave-in treatment.

5. Reduce your professional development costs.

If you’ve been teaching for awhile, you’re probably aware of the classes, licenses, certifications and continuing education units (CEUs) that can be required to stay competitive in the field. The good news is that you don’t have to pay top dollar for these things. You can look into programs like Teach for America, for example, to reduce student loan costs, and you can apply for various grants and employer-sponsored professional development programs to ease those expenses as well. The money is out there! You just have to find it.

These are a few simple ways to live an Instagram lifestyle on a Pinterest budget. You’re a teacher, so teach yourself how to save and spend responsibility so that you can live the luxury lifestyle of your dreams!

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