5 Great Party Halls For Hire In The UK

When organising a party and event there are many things to consider. Food, drinks, entertainment, guests – the list is endless! But undoubtedly one of the most important factors when planning a great party is the venue! 

Why Hire A Party Hall? 

Many people opt to host parties in the comfort of their own home – and there is absolutely nothing wrong with this. However, booking a party hall or function room often offers you more flexibility in terms of the number of guests you can invite. 

Hiring a party hall gives you more space to invite more of those people that are close to you. And, on top of that, you don’t have to worry about the clean-up job on your own house afterwards! 

5 Of The Best Party Halls In The UK: 

Midlands Art Centre (MAC) – Birmingham 

Located in Cannon Hill Park, near Edgbaston and just north of Birmingham city centre, the MAC is the perfect venue to host a party or event. 

This modern, multi-purpose venue has a variety of contemporary, accessible meeting rooms perfect for all occasions including private parties and events.

You can check out these halls for hire in Birmingham and enquire about a booking on the MAC website. 

Old Parish Hall – Core Clapton 

The Old Parish Hall in Core Clapton is a prime East London event space. Integrated into a former Edwardian parish hall, the events hall is now a modern, minimalistic room that can easily be modified to create your ultimate party venue. 

As well as a beautiful setting for weddings and photoshoots, The Old Parish Hall also has a fully functioning kitchen, meaning they can literally ‘cater’ for any event. 

Branxholme Castle – Scottish Borders 

Set just outside Hawick in the beautiful Scottish Borders countryside, Branxholme Castle contains a beautiful, quaint party hall or event space. 

Located on the ground floor of this historic building, the party hall is the perfect location for those looking for the perfect room for an intimate to mid-sized gathering. 

Tapton Hall – Sheffield 

Situation in the desirable S10 area of Sheffield, and just a short distance for the beautiful Peak District, Tapton Hall is the perfect venue for a party. 

Whether it’s a large birthday celebration or an intimate family occasion. Tapton Hall provides a delightful setting while offering delicious food in private rooms. 

Russell Court Hotel Ballroom – Bournemouth 

The Russell Court Hotel in Bournemouth provides you with one of the most beautiful party settings that you can ask. The smell of the famous sandy beaches and sounds of the waves fill the air – but that’s not even the most breath-taking thing about this destination. 

The Russell Hall Hotel Ballroom is truly a sight to behold. A beautiful event space that is ideal for parties, weddings receptions and even those more formal functions. 

So, if you’re organising a party in the UK, then remember that the location and setting is key, and we’d urge you to consider the above venues to host your event – you won’t regret

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