4 Tips for a Contemporary Christmas Interior

The holiday brings to mind so many marvelous things. As people think about Christmas, they think about many cherished traditions. From drinking eggnog to making gingerbread houses and buying presents, this is a time to enjoy. It’s also a time to think about decorating your home to bring in a festive air when you get home. Many people love decorating Christmas. 

At the same time, they’re looking something a bit more modern. They want something that free of clique, doesn’t look like every other home in the neighborhood and hasn’t been done over and over again. It is possible to have a festive home just right for a holiday party with lots of contemporary, pleasing touches. 

Look to a more updated color scheme, thoughtful lighting and a tree with an air of elegance. You’ll have a home with your own personal touch that stands out and calls to everyone entering.

Your Color Scheme

Color is the foundation of any decorating plan. You’ll want to think past the standard red and greens that are everywhere this season. They’re nice but they’re not quite what you’re aiming for with your modern ideas. Many people like to think about the starkness of the landscape at this time of the year. 

They also like to think about the beauty of the season. White is the perfect color to welcome in winter. Think about a fall of new snow and how it appeals to the senses. You can spread white in every area of your home. A snow white tablecloth makes a statement that says this something. White also pairs well with other colors. 

Shades of metal can be used to bring in subtle and pleasing highlights. Use gilded plates on top of that dining table. Spray paint pine branches a vivid shade of gold for added interest. You can dip one end of pine cones in golden paint for a startling and lively centerpiece that brings the scents of the outdoors right inside.

Lighting It Up 

Lighting deserves particular attention this time of the year. As the days grow shorter, you’ll want to add lots of lighting to your home. Instead of string lights. Think about scattering candles of varied heights to make the room sparkle. Pillar candles offer just the kind of drama you want in any room. 

You can also make use of a fireplace to help add warmth and light at the same time. Place a holiday themed grate in front of the fireplace and get it lit. Other lighting choices allow the season to life your spirits. Place lots of mirrors in the rooms. They’ll catch the light and reflect in back. 

A large, framed mirror that is hung behind the front door is practical as a means of allowing you to see what you look like before you head off to work. It’s also unexpected and interesting item for your guests seeing your beloved home.

A Beautiful Tree

One activity that people love so much this time of the year is decorating a tree. A Christmas tree adds life, color and provides a place to set your gifts. You want to make your Christmas tree something you can enjoy and something for others to admire. 

Decorating it is a time to spend with beloved family and friends. It’s also a chance to move away from the standard items and think about something different. A set of silver ornaments can create a delightful tableau. These can also serve as keepsakes for years to come. 

Take many different kinds of holiday pictures as the season goes on. Include everyone in the family including all your family pets. You can have these pictures printed out. Place them into tiny silver frames you can hang on all branches of the Christmas tree. You’ll have an entirely unique tree that captures all the joy of the season in a single place.

Desert Decor

The very first Christmas was held in a desert climate. You can remember it with desert decor of your own. Make a wreath from varied types of succulents. Add a sisal rug under the dining room table and tree. It will remind you of the sand while also protecting your floors from dropped food and falling pine needles. 

Drop varied types of succulents into a series of small glass bowls. Top with a silver candle. Place them across your dining room table for something that’s unexpected and yet incredibly festive and beautiful at the same time. You can also make your own topiaries from these plants. 

Take a plain white cone made of plastic from the local craft store. You can use ordinary glue or standard tape to create a pattern across the cone and create a grouping of beautiful modern Christmas decorations.

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