£4 Million Royal Bed: Baldacchino Supreme

With such a heavy price tag, the Baldacchino Supreme is clearly one of the most expensive beds in the world. It is the stunning result of a collaboration between Stuart Hughes of Liverpool and Hebanon by Fratelli Basile Interiors of Nocera Superiore.

The piece is amazing for more than one reason: first of all, its royal appearance: both the design and the color choice suggest extreme luxury that must only be fitted in a regal home. Then there are the 107 kilograms of solid 24-karat gold and the gold leaf decorations.

Hand made, the bed has a chestnut wood structure, while other parts were made of ash wood and cherry wood. Italian silk and cotton decorates the most exclusive bed in the world, and you should know that all decorations are very customizable and can be made to meet the customer’s taste. Only two wealthy people will be able to enjoy the Baldacchino Supreme, as only two such beds will ever be made.

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