$38,000 for Testony’s Moro Monk-Strap Shoes

Worlds most expensive mens dress shoes cost $38000 per pair

Since 1929 a. testony has produced the finest men shoes for people around the world. Today it expanded its collection to include women shoes, belts, bags and luggage too. But what we will talk about here is one absolutely special men’s dress pair of shoes: the Moro monk-strap model.

The materials used for these shoes are among the finest in the world and the exorbitant price of $38,000 shows it clearly. A high quality alligator skin, treated with the best substances on the market using the latest techniques of Norvegese ensures perfect impermeability and durability.

Piuma rapid is the name of the special proprietary process through which the Testony shoes go. This requires 200 manual operations and the basic idea is that the shoe is deconstructed and put back together in a special way to ensure maximum protection from cold, hot or wet weather conditions. Another result of the process is the incredible lightness of the shoes.Worlds most expensive mens dress shoes cost $38000 per pair

The stitching is made with custom-made linen twine, and the inside of the shoe is coated in the softest material your feet have ever felt before. Then to top it all off, Testony also made a gold and diamond precious buckle for a plus of elegance.