3 Simple Tips for a Higher Success Rate in Online Dating

Gone are the days when you needed to go out in the world yourself, or have your friends get you hooked up with someone they know. Now, dating is in the palm of our hands with the myriad of different apps available.

There’s an app for just about every purpose out there, whether it be casual flings or more serious partnerships. Even certain tastes are explicitly catered to, such as religion or musical taste. You can even go explicitly across racial lines when you chat with women – Interracial Dating Central. It has never been simpler to make a connection with another human being. It is, however, more or less just as tricky to grow and maintain a connection with another human being, even if the initial introduction can be facilitated with just a smartphone and a Wifi connection.

To that effect, here’s what you need to know if you want to go from online to offline in the dating world:

Choose your pictures wisely.

Regardless of what people might say when asked, more often than not, what catches someone’s eye is how someone looks on a dating app. You could have the well-crafted bio and be a perfect catch, but if you can’t adequately display your physical body, you might not receive the kind of attention you’re hoping for. There should be at least one full body photo that shows off your physique as well as your face. You don’t need to be magazine cover perfect; few people are. You just shouldn’t give off the air that you have something to hide by taking tactically flattering photos of yourself as they often do the opposite of their intended effect. The best mixture of photos is in this order: full body, face, with friends and family. It may sound silly, but having pictures of you with other people, at a bare minimum, shows that people can tolerate being around you.

Craft a good bio.

The bio you choose for yourself on an online dating app should read like the back of a novel. It must include just enough information to give you the gist of what’s going on, but not enough information that you feel like you already know everything there is to know. A bio is a place where your creativity can shine, and you can really display your personality if you know how to do it correctly. At the bare minimum, your bio should include some basic information about yourself and your hobbies, so that anyone who sends messages to you at least has something to go on to break the ice. If you don’t have a bio, then people are just taking a chance on you based on your physical appearance, and there’s a good chance the conversation will end quickly unless you know what you’re doing.

Establish yourself, then take things offline.

Initial conversations on dating apps should serve to prove you aren’t some kind of Internet psycho planning a malicious activity. It’s crucial that you establish who you are and what you stand for relatively quickly, and then see if they’d like to go for a coffee or other low-intensity and low-commitment first meeting. This reduces the chances you run out of things to talk about and come off as boring or inept. Also, the fact of the matter is you’re on the app to end up seeing people in real life. There’s hardly any purpose in being great at stale app conversation!


It’s pretty interesting to think that a few short years ago, it was almost seen as shameful to be using the Internet to look for love, while now, just about everybody has given Tinder or some other dating app at least a quick try. The rules are more or less the same. It’s just that the connections themselves are facilitated through the app first and foremost before going to real life. Always understand why people tend to use whatever service you’re in, and do your best to be your authentic self. Canned lines and fake personas shouldn’t be your bread and butter.

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