3 Hidden Advantages of Using a Car Shipping Service

3 Hidden Advantages of Using a Car Shipping Service

Driving down random roads used to be one of America’s favorite pastimes. Those days are long gone in the busy world of today, yet they could return for those with a car to be delivered to a far destination. It may be difficult to schedule time off from work to accomplish this task, or the purchase of additional insurance could be an added expense. Couple those two factors with the concern about the vehicle being dented, scratched, or in a serious accident before reaching its ultimate destination, and it might be worth considering the advantage of shipping the vehicle.

1- Frees Up Time

Driving for a regular commute is something most people plan into their daily routine. Those with a vehicle that needs to be delivered for any reason may find the timing is off if they need to go more than a few miles. Driving across several states or across the country is not a fast trip. Arranging time off from a regular job, time away from home and family, and the time it takes to fly back could make it nearly impossible to get the job done. All of the driving and time away from home are eliminated by using a car shipping service. It is one of the best advantages to shipping instead of delivering, and it can even eliminate those long security lines at the airport.

2- Vehicle Transport is Insured

The need to travel a fair distance to deliver a vehicle may become bogged down when insurance is a consideration. If the vehicle has been used only for local travel, the insurance policy might require updating to cover the distance. That can be a budget breaker for some. With a car delivery service, the shipper carries insurance against damage to the vehicle. The advantage of this is that there is no additional paperwork, and basic insurance is covered in the price of shipping.

3- Vehicle is Secured on Trailer

One more advantage of choosing to ship the vehicle instead is the protection offered by being on a trailer. Many vehicles that are transported have been sold to a new owner, and that person expects their vehicle to be in the same condition as when they purchased it. Accidents do happen all the time on crowded roads and highways. Even parking can be an issue when the vehicle becomes scratched or dented while sitting. Avoiding accidents on the road takes a careful driver, yet they can still occur. Keeping the vehicle off the road during travel is just one more advantage over driving.

When it is time to move a vehicle more than just a few streets away, it might be a good idea to take a look at shipping options. It may be time to take advantage of a car shipping service to avoid all the expense and time it can take. It only takes a short time to get a quote, book the service, and then it is time to relax and enjoy knowing that vehicle will be delivered to its new owner.

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