299 Soper Place by Barry J. Hobin + Associates Architects

Completed last year, 299 Soper Place in Ottawa, Canada is a remarkable project by Barry J. Hobin + Associates Architects Inc., a Canadian architectural firm. This is a quite impressive renovation and addition project that has given the owners 4,800 extra square feet of space to enjoy.

The original indoor pool and 2-car garage were swapped with a new multipurpose lounge, spa, 4-car garage and guest house. These changes were made in harmony with the freshly landscaped terrace featuring alfresco dining area,pool, and hot tub.

In order to keep the new space permanently connected to the main house, the architects transformed an existing outdoor covered walkway into a fully enclosed glass passageway. The fact that they did not use opaque materials to enclose the walkway provides a continuous connection to the outdoors while also ensuring easy transitions between the two separate living areas regardless of the season. Check out the result in the gallery below.