23K Solid Gold Monopoly Game – Can You Believe It?

Monopoly is all about money: earn, spend, loose, invest and finally win the game. But in this particular case if someone actually won the game – the board and all the pieces involved – would be much more than a good player. He’d be considerably richer – for real!

The Museum of American Finance in New York City has on display one special item: a solid gold Monopoly game encrusted with gemstones. It took jeweler Sidney Mobell a whole year to finish the project which he started in 1988.

Believe it or not, the board is a 23 carat gold plate and every little piece of the game is embellished with smaller or larger precious stones. The dices for instance are made of 18 carat gold and each dot is actually a small diamond. All the other gold pieces wear something special: rubies for the chimneys of the houses, sapphires for the hotel chimneys, a topaz for the “Electric Company”, or a ruby for the “Water Works” building.

The game is worth around $2 million and is, as expected, the most expensive Monopoly game in the world.

23K Solid Gold Monopoly Game – Can You Believe It

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