Day: September 28, 2020

5 Reasons You Should Get Your Car Detailed Regularly

5 Reasons You Should Get Your Car Detailed Regularly

Buying a car is an achievement for many. One of the ways to maintain your car is through car detailing. Car detailing is the process of cleaning and reconditioning the exterior and interior of a vehicle using specialized tools and products. Full auto detailing services include vacuuming, shampooing, conditioning, polishing, brushing, leather cleaning, waxing, tire […]

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How to Find the Right Caterer for Your Wedding

Why Sustainable Fashion is Inevitable

In order to be progressive in the fashion industry, one must become sustainable. Fashion icons like Helen Lee Schifter have transformed their fashion identities into something much more earth-friendly. This is ideal because with climate change being a prominent social issue, fast fashion will soon fall off anyone’s radar.  When the world is fighting climate […]

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Life style

Golden Age Hollywood glamour is the latest engagement ring trend

The Golden Age of Hollywood brought us legendary film stars, unforgettable movies, and many of the most iconic celebrities ever to exist. The famous figures of this era were not just adored for their work, but for their dazzling, pioneering sense of style too. As well as continuing to influence present-day fashion trends, the glamor […]

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Why Energy Efficient Homes Sell Quicker and for More Money

Energy efficient homes sell for about $5,000 more than similar houses. But why? What are the benefits of owning an energy-efficient home? There are two main reasons people prefer energy efficient homes to their less efficient counterparts. Let’s dive in. Energy Efficient Homes Save Big Bucks One of the biggest reasons people consider energy efficient […]

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House Improvement

Tips For Luxury Roof Care

If you live in Canada, then you know how harsh the weather can be, taking a toll on all kinds of structures and reducing the lifespan of building materials. So, how do you ensure the roof over your head stays in the right condition for years? This is a question that goes through the mind […]

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Methods That Will Make You Money on the Internet

Have you been looking to get more income? If that is the case, working on something online could be just the thing. There are more and more people trying their luck on the internet.  Given the pandemic, a lot of us spend time surfing the net. In other words, the total time that people spend […]

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