Day: February 17, 2016

This Home In Bat Hadar, Israel Is Stunning (16)

This Home In Bat Hadar, Israel Is Stunning

This impressive residential project is called Luxury Home in Bat Hadar, and just like its name suggests, it is located in Bat Hadar, Israel. The home was designed and built by BLV Design/Architecture, and it flaunts with a clean, minimalistic and luxurious interior design complemented by contemporary exteriors. The façade features crisp white walls as […]

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Versatile SHERP ATV
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Versatile SHERP ATV Costs $50,000

Alexei Garagashyan is not a man that thinks on a small scale, at least judging by one of his most recent projects, the SHERP ATV. This awesome truck is perfectly capable of running on land and on water while making sure that nothing remains standing in its wake. Its four self-inflated tires are powered by […]

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Lignum's Stow Wall-Mount Is Highly Practical (4)

Lignum’s Stow Wall-Mount Is Highly Practical

Bicycles are awesome, wouldn’t you agree? First of all, they allow us to avoid traffic jams while giving us the opportunity to exercise, not to mention that they don’t even require fuel. However, owning a bicycle comes with its fair share of challenges, particularly when you want to ride your favorite two-wheeler during bad weather. […]

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Hublot's MP-05 LaFerrari Sapphire Watch (5)
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Hublot’s MP-05 LaFerrari Sapphire Watch Is Amazing

What exactly makes a watch amazing anyway? For some it’s all about the luxury and the adornments, while others value practicality above all else. Then again, there are those who are looking for exclusivity and uniqueness, and they are usually willing to pay top dollar for it. Hublot’s creations have always catered to the needs […]

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Only One Is An Exceptional Superyacht By Baglietto (8)

Only One Is An Exceptional Superyacht By Baglietto

Finished in 2015 by an Italian shipyard named Baglietto, Only One is an elegant and lavish superyacht that measures 151.9 feet in length. Its interior and exterior designs were envisioned by Francesco Paszkowski, who worked closely with Margherita Casprini for the interior arrangements. Speaking of which, the social spaces and cabins were created using the […]

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Incredibly Fast McLaren 675LT Spider (3)
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Incredibly Fast McLaren 675LT Spider

Cars such as the McLaren 675LT are already blisteringly fast when they leave the production lines, but this doesn’t mean that they can’t get any faster. In order to show us that that it means business, McLaren has decided to create the McLaren 675LT Spider, which is officially one of the fastest convertibles in the […]

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