Day: March 1, 2015

Luxury News & Trends

Luxurious Mercedes S-Class XXL By ARES Atelier

It looks like the tuning experts over at ARES Atelier couldn’t wait for the official release of the Mercedes S-Class Pullman, and so they decided to create an elegant super-stretched variant of the vehicle that they dubbed Mercedes S-Class XXL. Inspired in its design by the Pullman 600, the gorgeous limousine boasts a stretched chassis […]

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Fashion News & Trends

World’s First Solar Powered Fitness And Sleep Tracker

The jewelry piece/gadget that you can admire in the images was created by Swarovski and Misfit, and it was presented in Las Vegas. It is the world’s first solar powered fitness and sleep tracker, and it is based on a Swarovski crystal face and a rechargeable battery. Clearly, the crystal is the product’s highlight, as […]

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Luxe Travel News & Trends

Airbnb Transforms A Jetliner Into A Hotel Room

This is not the first time that we’ve seen an airplane being transformed into a hotel, but we have to admit that Airbnb did a particularly impressive job in remodeling the interior of this retired KLM Royal Dutch Airlines jetliner. The plane in question flaunts 4,000-square feet of interior living space and includes a superb […]

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