Day: January 28, 2015

Luxury News & Trends

Elegant And Luxurious Mercedes Maybach S600

There’s been a lot of talk lately about the Maybach S600 by Mercedes-Benz, and for good reason, as this uber-luxurious car brings a whole new meaning to the concept of an “affordable” limousine. Those who can afford to spend $190,275 on a premium car will find that this new model is up to par with […]

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Fashion Luxury

Impressive Limited Edition Skull Watch By HYT

Launched ahead of its official release date, the Skull Watch by HYT represents an echo of the earlier H1 model created by the same company, but with a skull-inspired twist. The timepiece offers an original way of telling time, which is based on a technology called “liquid timekeeping”. Shaped to form the outline of a […]

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Alluring Maison L2 In Saint-Tropez, France

Finished in 2013 within the French town named Saint-Tropez, Maison L2 is a luxurious, modern home that was designed by Vincent Coste. It was built on a picturesque site that boasts palm trees, shrubs, carefully trimmed lawns and even a small vineyard. The residence features a contemporary, minimalistic interior design that includes white walls, high […]

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