Day: June 10, 2014

Luxe Travel

Dreamy Salvator Villas & Spa Hotel In Praga, Greece

Sketched out by a skilled architect named  Angelos Angelopoulos and finished in 2010, the sublime Salvator Villas & Spa Hotel can be found within the town of Praga in Greece, and it definitely represents a perfect base for a dreamy vacation. This exquisite establishment was named honoring Archduke Ludwig Salvator himself and features a superb […]

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Breathtaking Hippopotamus Sofa By Maximo Riera

In order to honor one of the most incredible animals in the world, a studio called Maximo Riera created the Hippopotamus Sofa – a full-size representation of the mighty beast that would look absolutely fantastic in any contemporary living room. The sofa measures 4.5 feet in height and 9.7 feet in breadth – the same […]

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