Day: October 3, 2011

Luxury Villa in Ljubljana, Slovenia (5)

Luxury Villa in Ljubljana, Slovenia

Situated in Ljubljana, Slovenia, this amazing Luxury Villa impresses with its lavish interior designs, high class amenities and majestic proportions. Set on 5.499 square meters, the mansion has a beautiful foyer and a wine cellar with dinning area, were you can have a great time with your guests. The villa has a spacious reception room […]

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Ten Luxurious Floating Hotels

We love creative alternatives, and this article is all about that. The following ten amazing hotels are not restricted by conventional patterns, thus bringing new and exciting ways of enjoying comfort and luxury. Floating hotels are slowly conquering the seas, rivers and lakes, and they are inviting adventurous people to enjoy unique vacations on water. […]

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The Sealander Redefines Camping (8)
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The Sealander Redefines Camping

The Germans came up with a really practical idea when they created der Schwimmcaravan or the Sealander. It is a small and light vessel that can be towed by a modestly-powered CUV. It has anything you need for a perfect vacation with the family of friends: a sleeping area, a kitchenette, space for a four-person […]

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Motor Yacht Jemasa (12)

Motor Yacht Jemasa

This beautiful luxury 50 meter motor yacht was built in 2006. Many people put their heads together to create such a magnificent super yacht: Diana Yacht Design took care of the naval architecture, Michaela Reverberi and Barbara Barry created the exquisite interior design and Espen Oeino Design created Jemasa’s profile.

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Jay Leno’s Precious Collection (22)

Jay Leno’s Precious Collection

If you think that Jay Leno is only famous for his talk show, you are wrong. Not only does he know how to make people laugh, but he also knows how to amaze and leave them open-mouthed. Yes, we’re talking about his amazing collection of over 100 exclusive and limited edition cars and over 90 […]

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