Day: August 17, 2011

Coral Lodge 15.41 – A Luxe Retreat for a Luxe Vacation (8)
Luxe Travel

Coral Lodge 15.41 – A Luxe Retreat for a Luxe Vacation

You love your privacy while on a luxe vacation, don’t you? Well, here is a gorgeous getaway that can meet your every need in terms of luxury, comfort and seclusion. Located on a peninsula in the Varanda reserve in Northern Mozambique, the Coral Lodge 15.41 is a superb beach resort that promises perfect vacations to […]

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Wohnzimmer House by Caramel Architekten (1)

Wohnzimmer House by Caramel Architekten

The beautiful Wohnzimmer House in Vienna, Austria, was completed last year by Caramel Architekten for a family with children. The owners’ dream was to move away from their city apartment and start a different life in a “house at the periphery with plenty of green”. They wanted a spacious, modern home, surrounded by nature and […]

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News & Trends

High-End TV Sets for Your Luxe Living Room

High-tech entertainment is vital for any luxe dwelling. A perfectly comfortable leather sofa is simply not good enough if it doesn’t face a high-end TV set! So if you’ve already got the sofa, but are still looking for the ideal widescreen flat TV, let us give you a hand. Here you have three awesome models […]

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