Day: March 27, 2011

Donald Trump: The Millionaire Turned Billionaire (1)
The World's Billionaires

Donald Trump The Millionaire Turned Billionaire

We’re pretty much sure there’s no one in the U.S. that hasn’t heard of this man. It’s actually impossible not to know who Donald Trump is as long as you have a television set in your home. He’s not only too successful to remain unnoticed, he’s also surrounded by controversies, and we all know how […]

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Istanbul EDITION Hotel Spa by Bedner Associates (7)
Luxe Travel

Istanbul EDITION Hotel Spa by Bedner Associates

You can find this spa heaven at the Istanbul EDITION hotel. Designed by Inge Moore and Nathan Hutchins of Bedner Associates, this spa interior draws its inspiration from Turkish traditions, which explains the alluring combination of old and new influences.

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