Day: October 11, 2010

Antilla, Mumbai – The Most Expensive Villa In The World

Top 10 Luxury Villas of the World

Billionaire’s luxury homes around the world seem to defy the economic crisis and sometimes even gravitation. Celebrity homes are like museums: filled with precious items and too big to walk around by yourself and risk to get lost. Some of them even borrowed architectural symbols from world-famous museums like the Versailles Palace.

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Diamond Fruitcake

Mind-Boggling Expensive Desserts

There are a few things that all people spend a lot of money on: a good car, a beautiful house, a good education at a prestigious university, or their health. These are all good investments, as they are bound to last for many years, possibly a lifetime. Then there are the “little” caprices of the […]

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News & Trends

Dogs Dyed Into Looking Like Other Animals

Confused? So were we when we first took a look at these pictures. These odd looking dogs are actually the fortunate…or unfortunate pets of some rich Chinese owners. We’re talking about a new fad in the large Asian country. The man’s best friend is starting to become “man’s best toy”. Lucky for them, the animals […]

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The Next Generation
Life style News & Trends

Most Spectacular Home Theaters

It seems that cinemas are running more and more out of fashion. People prefer investing their money in a home theater and skip paying for a ticket to watch a movie in a crowded public place. But some of them will not stop until their entertainment room is like no other in the world. Here […]

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Porto da Barra, Salvador - Brazilia
Luxe Travel

Probably the Most Amazing Ten Beaches in the World

One of the images that is most often associated with Paradise is that of a tropical beach with crystal clear blue water, bright white sands and tall green palm trees – only perfect to hang your hammock between them. And the best part about this kind of descriptions is that they are actually inspired by […]

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