$20 Million Graduation Party at Disneyland

While most teenagers usually choose to celebrate their graduation in a club with their friends, Saudi Prince Fahd al-Saud decided that this special event required something more. His idea of an unforgettable graduation party was three days of Disney fun with friends and family.

Consequently, the happy prince booked the entire Disneyland park in Paris between 22 and 24 May. The tailor made events and shows included some very rare Disney characters, such as the Aristocats, Roger and Jessica Rabbit, and the cast of Atlantis, the Lost Empire and Up.

Obviously, the site received extra security for the entire duration of the festivities. The Prince is one of the park’s top customers, so the staff did not complain when they were asked not to speak about him during the celebration. At the end, the young royalty had to pay €15 million (almost $20 million) for all the fun.



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