$2.5M Home Theater Inspired by the Pirates of the Caribbean

Last year we showed you a whole list of spectacular home theatersmost of them inspired by some great movies. Today we add to that list another amazing home entertainment setup, one that cost its owner a whopping $2.5 million to make. Inspired by the famous Pirates of the Caribbean movie, the project is still under construction, but its makers from Elite Home Theater Seating decided to give us all a sneak peek at their work.

Home Theater Inspired by the Pirates of the Caribbean 

The luxurious theater is a replica of a pirate ship deck and when finished, it will have lots of awesome things all over. Gas lanterns, a candle-lit tavern/theater lobby, hand-painted canvas ceiling to resemble a stormy sky in the Caribbean, a heavy wood bar, embossed double doors and much more.

Also one of our Elite Home Theater Seating favorites is the amazing Batcave Theater that you can see below.The Bat Cave 

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