1968 Marcos Mantis XP Resurrected

1968 Marcos Mantis XP Resurrected 2

There are only a few things that can still be considered amazing several decades after their creation. In this rapidly changing world, almost nothing remains impressive for long. A new, better version is always bound to emerge.

But then there are some creations that are able to defy time and progress. One of them is the 1968 Marcos Mantis XP. The brand is not in business anymore, but their beautiful vehicle is again full of life and energy.

Created in the late ‘60s, the Mantis XP was born in a time of great market competition, when impressive vehicles like the Ford GT40 and other eye catching rides from Porsche or Ferrari were mesmerizing everybody. Every vehicle that wanted to gather appreciation back then needed to have the same two things that we are after today: looks and muscle. Marcos Mantis XP had them both.

It flaunted a mid mounted BRM-Repco V8 Formula 1 engine that could be seen through the Plexiglas covering of the engine compartment. The same transparent material was used for the car’s roof and even for its doors. In contrast to the other, curvier automobiles of the ‘60s, the XP was very angular and definitely unusual.

Futuristic and potent, the unconventional ride received the opportunity to make its debut on a racing circuit. But unfortunately there were some electrical problems which took it out of the SPA 24 Hours competition in Belgium.

Marcos Mantis XP retired after its fail on the Spa 1000km circuit, and it seemed then that it would be forgotten forever. But 40 years later a careful restoration program in California brought it back to life. We are very impressed to find that the car is just as amazing today as it was in 1968. With the rear end, the front end and the doors opening upwards, the vehicle has a very Transformers-like appearance. It is a stunning ride indeed.