15 Pounds Equals 1,800 Pounds Sterling

Did you ever imagine that the one thing more expensive than your new £1,000 kitchen hood will be the dinner you’ll serve? Believe it or not, the world’s most expensive ham weighs 7 kilos (over 15 pounds) and has an exorbitant price of £1,800 (about $2,850). Even more surprising was for us to learn that this is actually a quite modest price for such a rare delicacy!

Anyway, the Iberico ham is sold with its own DNA certificate which proves the origin of the meat. Why a DNA certificate? Well, probably because after three years of curing the ham, people might forget where it actually originated from…15 Pounds Equals 1,800 Pounds Sterling

‘Responsible’ for this oddity is Manuel Maldonado, a pig farmer and – of course – ham expert who patiently selected and bred 50 pigs. The animals were kept on a special diet of roots and acorn, and the final result is said to be marvelous taste-wise. However, we prefer talking about it and never actually tasting the delicacy.

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