10 Ways to Get Ready for Summer

Granted, we’re just barely into spring, but most of us get excited about spring simply because we’re saying farewell to winter and, more importantly, we’re just ready for summer.

Vacations, warm weather, no school, concerts in the park, beach days, lake days, whatever it is that is your incentive to make it through the cold, gloomy spring, you might as well start preparing for it now! Here are ten ways to mentally and physically get you all set for the return of sunshine and warm weather.

1. Find your perfect sunscreen.

Not all sunblocks are created equal, just like no one’s skin is created equal.  Oil based, oil free, noncomedogenic, SPF 20 or SPF 80, lotion or spray, sensitivity, tinted or bronzed- all these different factors have to be considered to find a sunscreen that’s going to protect you for the summer.  Some cause breakouts, other’s cause peeling, and sometimes you still want to have a little color. Start now by looking at the best sunscreens for you and your skin, so when the first warm day comes, you’ve already got it ready to go.

2. Get on the road to comfortable.

It’s not about getting a “summer bod” ready, because any bod is summer ready.  But, summer is a great excuse to find reasons to make sure you’re comfortable in the skin you’re in and feeling healthy and active and alert in order to cram in all the things you want to fit in during your summer vacations this year! Focus on feeling healthy and being comfortable whether you’re bundled up by a campfire or baring (almost) all on a beach. Find a routine, find motivation, find a meal plan, or simply find the desire within yourself to start better habits so that when summer comes, you’ll be ready to take on whatever you want.

3. Get ready to stay hydrated.

It’s going to be hot, and the best way to stay hydrated is to make sure you’ve got a source of water on you at all times.  Eateries and places to visit often have drinking fountains or tap water to make it easy for you to constantly keep your water bottle refilled at all times, without even having to pay for a water bottle every time you’re thirsty.  I personally own a Kool8 bottle which keeps my cold brew coffee at a perfect temperature, even in scorching temperatures. This bottle (and, I have to assume, all similar stainless steel bottles) is durable (for all the times it’s going to slip out of your sweaty hand), and even has a tea infuser inside, in case you want a little extra flavor with your water.  Conveniently keep it on you to help quench your thirst, and pick a great summer color to boot. I bought a Kool 8 because it was recently named one of the best water bottles or the year, but I also own this vanity water bottle from Simple Modern which I engraved with my name. Both are great!

4. Plan out your summer (loosely).

One of the biggest perks of summer comes with the spontaneity and ability to relax, but this doesn’t mean you don’t want to have a list of sure-fire events, festivals, sights, etc. that you know you definitely want to see. Make a list of local events that you think would be fun to hit, along with their dates, so you know what your options are.  Keep an eye out for presale tickets for more costly events that you feel are worth it, and make sure you write down your list of things to do and hit so that you don’t forget what you’d gotten excited about in the first place. It’s certainly not something you have to stick to, but at least know what’s going to be out there!

5. Budget and plan for at least one major trip.

Cancun, Hawaii, Miami, San Francisco, Italy, Spain- there’s an endless number of options for trips to get out of town this summer. Some are certainly going to be more expensive than others, so plan according to your budget, but make sure you have one to begin with! If you’re planning a trip with a significant other or a group of friends or a family trip, make sure you know what it might cost so that you’re saving enough to be able to make it happen. Pick a trip, do a little bit of research, and make out a budget so that you can save a little bit in the coming months so you’re not setting yourself back later on down the road!

6. Pick a few potential dates.

What’s worse than finding a perfect vacation destination, then going to put in a request for the dates with your work, only to find it’s already been snagged by someone?  If you work at a place that requires advance notice of vacations and dates, make sure you take a few options and put them in early on to ensure you’re not going to have to haggle your way into getting a week of right before the trip.

7. Do some spring cleaning.

Spring cleaning can be relaxing and cathartic, a purge of the winter dread and weight to lightly launch you into summer. Clean closets, empty garages, dump unneeded possessions, and clean out your living space. Start the summer fresh and remove the weight of unnecessary material possessions just in time to feel your lightest and freest come this summer.

8. Invest in yourself a bit.

Depending on your personality and likes, this might mean different things for most of us.  If you’re trying to get in shape, a new pair of running shoes might be perfect, or if you’re ready to go, a new swimsuit is an ideal way to keep you excited or the summer.  Maybe you want to treat yourself to some new patio furniture to allow you to comfortably sit outside with guests when the warm evenings have started. Give yourself a reasonable budget and plan out your own summer splurge.

9. Get yourself a pedometer

It’s scientifically proven that if you own a pedometer, you will exercise more. So do yourself a favor and get a pedometer. There’s a lot of good options out there to choose from and some of the most affordable ones are less than $30. Check out this list of great and affordable pedometers to choose from, or head to Amazon.com for some equally amazing options. I personally bought the one from Omron based on the list above and I love it!

10.  Create a summer booklist.

Especially if your one of those people who loves to sit outside by the pool or on the beach with a good book, picking out your ideal book list should take careful consideration and recommendations.  Go for popular ones, like from Oprah’s Book Club or Reese Witherspoons reading list, but find some good novels to knock out this summer.

Don’t let summer catch you by surprise; it will (thankfully) be here before we know it!

This article comes from Julian Gnatenco, CEO @ JGBilling

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