$1.3 Million Dragon Longboard by Roy Stewart

Absolutely innovative in terms of construction, streamlined design, ergonomics and handling, the Dragon longboard by New Zealand-based craftsman and surfing Zen master Roy Stewart.Measuring 165 inches in length and having a 1:63 thickness-to-length ratio, this board is far from ordinary in every respect.

It is made entirely of empress wood (the only material Roy uses for his creations), but it also added a few touches of luxury to the final product. He created a nice dragon-shaped inlay made of 23K gold on its upper side and gave it a pair of beautiful aquamarine eyes. With a ‘mid-engine’ central riding position, the surfboard can handle wind force from virtually any direction to over 40 mph, which is not possible for other longboards.

Beautiful and very easy to maneuver, the Dragon is a pleasure to ride on and even look at. It is a $1.3 million creation to marvel at.