01 NATO Watches by HyperGrand

One of the most appreciated qualities of NATO watches is their interchangeability. You can keep the strap and swap the case, or you can keep the case and change the strap – either way, these timepieces are all about versatility.

Inspired by this feature, HyperGrand created the 01 NATO series of watches. They boast the world’s first graphic printed NATO straps, which make them tiny wearable canvases of graphic art. The fine weave permits high resolution prints, which results in a number of different cool patterns.

For the debut series, HyperGrand created twelve different strap designs as well as nine variations of the watch itself, giving you the possibility to mix and match in many ways. The watch features a minimalist design with a 38 mm case and two stacked dials with cut-out hour markers. To make things very easy, the straps can be removed quickly without the need for any tools.