World’s Most Expensive Divorce Settlement Is $1.1 Billion

And it was paid by Chinese business tycoon Zhou Yahui, who has been ordered to transfer 277,934,791 shares of his famous Beijing Kunlun Tech firm to his (former) wife, Li Qiong. Considering the fact that Li Qiong now owns 26.4% ownership rights, Yahui is probably not too happy right now, especially since those shares are worth no less than $1.1 billion.

World's Most Expensive Divorce Settlement

This isn’t the first time that we heard about ridiculously expensive divorce settlements. After all, Bernie Ecclestone paid $1.3 billion to his wife Slavica back in 2009, while Dmitry Rybolovlev had to fork out about $6 million to his wife Elena after a court in Switzerland forced him to.

World's Most Expensive Divorce Settlement 1

By : 23 Sep 2016
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