World’s Most Expensive T-Shirt: $50,000

How much are you willing to pay for exclusivity? Daniel J., the founder of 50K Tees designed some incredibly expensive T-Shirts for men and women, each bearing a serial number and costing a whopping $50,000. No diamonds, crystals, gold thread or other precious materials are involved here. The black tees are 100% cotton and show a white front design (the letter “K” in different fonts and positions), plus a personal number in yellow. They are available in all sizes from XS to XXXL, both for women and for men.

Only twenty pieces will ever be made, which adds more appeal to them, especially for exclusivity seekers. According to Daniel J., “customers range from T-shirt collectors to rock stars, the cool, trendy and wealthy crowd”. Each T-shirt comes in a gift box and is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity. Numbers 3, 14 and 19 have already been sold, so you’d better move fast and grab your own most expensive T-shirt in the world! Ten percent of the sum you’ll be paying for it will go to the charity you choose.Zappos $50,000 T-shirt



By : 4 Sep 2011
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