World’s Most Expensive Apartment Sold for £136 Million

Critics believed that the One Hyde Park luxury apartments development was simply too much, but wealthy people around the world proved them wrong. Recently a new buyer was added to the list: Rinat Akhmetov, the richest man in Ukraine. With an estimated net worth of £10 billion, he ranked 39th on Forbes’ list of billionaires, so it’s no wonder that he could afford to buy himself a nice dwelling worth hundreds of millions of dollars.

With £136 million ($222 million), Akhmetov bought two apartments at the top of the building and he turned them into a three-storey penthouse. This makes him the owner of the most expensive apartment in the world. The renovation and all the necessary changes have set the Ukrainian billionaire back an additional £60 million (or $98 million). With a car park, access to spas and squash courts, bulletproof windows and many other luxe amenities, this is an apartment like no other.

Kylie Minogue is another celebrity that has recently announced to have bought an apartment in the development. She spent £16 million on her luxury home, but that’s almost nothing compared to Akhmetov’s acquisition.

Rinat Akhmetov

By : 23 Apr 2011
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