Wonderful Alila Diwa Goa Resort in India

Located in Majorda, Goa, India, this amazing property oozes warmth, luxury, sophistication and tranquility. It is called Alila Diwa Goa and it is surrounded by picture-perfect landscapes with lush vegetation and beautiful blue skies.

Rich paddy fields and the vast Arabian Sea make up breathtaking views that fascinate guests every day. This is the kind of resort that effortlessly chases away all your worries and stress, leaving room in your mind and soulfor absolute serenity and peace. While the traditionalGoan spirit is very present everywhere at AlilaDiwa, contemporary amenities and design elements are also an important part of the experience.

Guests can choose from 153 luxurious rooms and suites, and even though they are all flawless in every respect, no one can stay inside for long, because there is too much to see and do outside. Seekers of exclusivity will also appreciate the resort’s Diwa Club, which features its own hot tub, open air Jacuzzi and lap pool.

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