Wohnzimmer House by Caramel Architekten

The beautiful Wohnzimmer House in Vienna, Austria, was completed last year by Caramel Architekten for a family with children. The owners’ dream was to move away from their city apartment and start a different life in a “house at the periphery with plenty of green”. They wanted a spacious, modern home, surrounded by nature and perfect for their children to grow up in.

As a first step, they purchased a 500-square-meter (5,382-square-foot) meadow covered with grass and trees. Their purpose was too keep a close relationship with the surroundings, so the house was given a very open ground-floor living and dining area, which was seamlessly connected to the rest of the property. With four levels (one underground and three above the ground), the Wohnzimmer House boasts a total of 300 square meters (3,229 square feet) of living spaces. You can admire the final outcome in the following photos.

By : 17 Aug 2011
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