Win a Luxury Voyage on One of Cunard’s Three Queens

Here’s an answer to Juliet’s famous What’s in a name? question: a two-night luxury voyage! If your name is Victoria, Mary or Elizabeth, you can win a memorable experience on one of Cunard’s Three Queens as part of the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth celebration.

The event will take place on June 5, 2012, and 60 lucky people who have the same name as one of the three outstanding Cunard vessels – Queen Elizabeth, Queen Mary 2, and Queen Victoria – will enjoy the privilege of spending a day on their namesake ship. The package also includes a lavish lunch. Three other really lucky people will receive a two-night cruise on the vessel of their name.

To qualify for the contest, you only need to meet two requirements: be at least 18 years old, and prove that your name is Elizabeth, Victoria, or Mary 2. Commonly accepted variants of the names are also valid. If your first, middle, or last name is Vicky, or Lizzie, or Beth for instance, you too can enter the contest! And if you win, you can bring another person with you on your little diamond jubilee adventure. Find out more by visiting Cunard’s official website.

Win a Luxury Voyage on One of Cunard’s Three Queens[Cunard]

By : 24 Feb 2012
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