Viceroy Hotel – A Magnificent Holiday Destination in Bali

Viceroy Hotel is a paradisiacal place of serenity and beauty. You can find it in Ubud, on the Indonesian island of Bali. Everything about this place is wonderful, making it an ideal getaway spot for in love couples, but also a perfect place for relaxation.

The magical surroundings include mountains, deep forests and lush gardens, all glorious sights to admire from the hotel’s semi-round terrace and its luxurious rooms. The hotel’s architecture integrates beautifully into the scenery, creating a sense of free communication with the nature.

The deluxe terrace suite offers private relaxation areas that can make any couple fall in love with each other all over again. Guests here can enjoy private indoor and outdoor pools, some Jacuzzi time, completely relaxing baths with floating flower petals, and an overall tranquil atmosphere.

At Viceroy you can delight several senses at a time: you can have a delicious meal on a terrace, while admiring the splendid views of the surroundings, and enjoying the delicately scented breeze. This is definitely one of the best luxury holiday destinations in the world.

By : 19 Jan 2012
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