Thrustmaster Ferrari F1 Racing Wheel on Market

You love speed, race cars and power, but don’t own a real Formula 1 car? Why don’t you try the latest Ferrari F1 Wheel Add-On? It fits the Thrustmaster T500 RS wheel base and it is a perfect replica of the Ferrari 150 Italia racing wheel.  It features a rubberized coating and its “push and pull” shifters have a scratched-brushed metal finish.

The gadget also features two rotary encoder switches, which provide direct optimization for the car’s settings, eight 6.5 N dual detent pressure push-buttons, two 2.5 N 8-directional D-Pads and three 4.5 N metal switches with 3 positions. There are two ways to play the game with this wheel: Normal, available for PC and PS3, with 13 action buttons and 3 D-Pads and Advanced, available only for PC, with 25 action buttons and 1 D-Pad.

You will be able to purchase it online from Amazon, for the price of $199,99.

By : 5 Oct 2011
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