The World’s Most Expensive T-shirt: $400,000

Expensive jewels, haute couture dresses and designer shoes – that’s what we usually expect to see adorned with eye-catching diamonds. But how about an incredibly pricy t-shirt, carefully decorated with 1-carat diamonds? Well, believe it or not, this t-shirt actually exists, and it is named “The Most Expensive T-shirt in the World”. Not a very original name, we know, but it definitely is a very appropriate one.

Created by UK-based Superlative Luxury, these tees are very eco-friendly, made using “only renewable energy sources”. The production of one such t-shirt results in 90 percent less CO2 emissions than the production of a regular tee, using traditional methods. Their price? A whopping $400,000 per piece!

Even though they are made of 100% organic cotton with 150g/m2 quality weight (perfect for extra sensitive skin), the fabric is not what gives these t-shirts their prohibitive price. It’s the 16 one-carat diamonds that adorn them (over the circular pattern) that cost so much. Of course, you could also choose to buy yourself a really nice car for that money, but that’s all up to you.

The World’s Most Expensive T-shirt: $400,000

By : 28 Jan 2012
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