The World’s Fastest Submarine Without an Engine

Thinking about buying yourself something really nice? How about a personal submarine? With AquaVenture’s SeaBird you can explore the magical underwater world anytime you want to. This is the fastest private submersible out there, but not because it has a very powerful engine. It actually has no engine at all.

So how does it work? It has to be towed around by a vessel on the surface, meaning that it can travel at speeds of up to 22 knots (25 mph), which is much more than in any submersible today. The speed limit for submarines is less than 10 mph.

The cable used for towing the submarine can be up to 400 feet long, giving the SeaBird plenty of room to operate behind the surface vessel. Since it is equipped with a sonar system, the sub can detect any possible obstacles and potential hazards when visibility is low. For extra safety, the submersible is capable of “sensing” when the towing vessel stops or when the cable breaks, and it automatically surfaces when this happens.

Its base price is $210,000, which includes a short warranty period (it still needs to be finalized) and training for one pilot.

By : 7 Feb 2012
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