The Stunning Skyloft Penthouse in Tribeca Now for Sale

Penthouse duplexes are always exciting, but this one is simply beyond amazing! Located in Tribeca, Manhattan, the Skyloft Penthouse boasts 7,500 square feet of lush living space, plus a beautiful 4,500-square-foot terrace around the dwelling. Designed by James Carpenter Design Associates, the luxury penthouse boasts gorgeous interiors by Rogers Marvel Architects.

With four bedrooms and four and a half bathrooms, the glass duplex is situated on the roof of a 1929 Art Deco industrial loft building in New York City. The high performance insulated glass of the house’s envelope provides maximum exposure and breathtaking views.

In March 2009, the Skyloft Penthouse sold for a whopping $30 million and now it’s again on the market at an even higher price: $45 million. See in the photos below what all this money can get you.

The Stunning Skyloft Penthouse in Tribeca (10) 

By : 26 May 2011
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