The Striking Allendale House by William O’Brien Jr.

Designed by William O’Brien Jr., a Cambridge-based architect, the Allendale House is a contemporary vacation residence with a stunning architecture. It boast unconventional shapes and a unique character, ideal for luxury living. The primary color of the sleek exterior is black, which makes the dwelling stand out in the lovely natural setting. Its most prominent feature are the huge triangle-shaped windows, which allow plenty of natural light to flood the interiors.

Also contrasting with the dark exterior, the inside of the Allendale House is dominated by white. Bright and warm, the interiors welcome their dwellers in a serene and tranquil ambiance. This contrast between black and white enhances the contemporary and luxurious character of the residence. Further enhancing is sophisticated nature, there is a long, white bookcase that stretches the length of residence.

The house itself is perfect for weekend getaways, but the lovely forest surrounding it makes it even more irresistible. Here one can reconnect with nature and completely unwind in a luxe environment.

By : 16 Jan 2012
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