The Outstanding Bugatti Galibier Not Impressive Enough?

After having created an insanely awesome supercar like Veyron, Bugatti feels it can’t afford to bring just any car to this world. The automaker has decided to add a new stunner to its line of exotic super rides and that’s why it created the gorgeous Galibier concept. The only problem is Bugatti CEO Wolfgang Durheimer is not exactly satisfied with the car.

He believes it could use more power, more comfort, more luxury and more rear space. Durheimer basically feels that the stunning Galibier is just not stunning enough. He wants the ride to become an “argument stopper”, which means it should allow no argument on whether or not it is the most awesome car on the planet.

With 800 horsepower to boast, the four-door sedan is currently waiting for Bugatti executives to decide its fate later this year. Until then, we can all enjoy the pictures!

By : 11 Sep 2011
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