The Innovative Bissol for iPhone 5 Timepiece

A new and absolutely revolutionary idea has emerged in the world of precision timepiece manufacturing. It is the so called “world’s first mobile timepiece” and it was developed by Bissol for the iPhone 5. It’s true that watches are already ‘mobile’, in the sense that they are designed to be transported everywhere easily and naturally.

What this new creation brings to the table is the possibility of connecting your smartphone to an innovative mechanical timepiece in a simple gesture that brings modernity and tradition together. Bissol’s Calibre 788 is the first movement of its kind, defining a new class in the industry.

It features 5 jewels and is gold plated. Swiss made, it also has a moon phase complication. The case is actually a beautiful continuation of the iPhone 5, and it is made of anodized aluminum, with a sapphire crystal.




By : 2 May 2013
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